Our History


Over a century and a quarter have passed since our founding in 1889, when a presbytery met at Compton’s School House in northern Orange County to organize a Baptist church under the Mt. Zion Baptist Association. Seven members adopted a declaration of faith and church covenant that God has preserved through generations.

Rev. A.T. Hord suggested Mount Ada for the new church, but later the name was changed to Mount Adar. By 1892, with a total of $550 raised, the church was built and dedicated. New
construction in 1946 added a new auditorium and education rooms.


Mt. Adar’s small beginning resulted in a tenacious fellowship of people who have impacted their community of three counties—Alamance, Caswell and Orange—and the world beyond. Their influence has included a migrant outreach, mission efforts, children’s ministries, and much more.